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Your Personal Travel Planner

by Shruti Botadra
on 2017-01-24 17:17:45

Your Personal Travel Planner- Advenjo

There is wealth of travel-planning information online, but who has the time sifting through the daunting amounts of data for hours? Planning your trip itinerary is easy now.

In our previous blog we learnt how to plan for a trip. But the haunting information scanning and consultation still remains as over head that can put you off before the thrill of the vacation. Now a number of websites are offering in-the-know vacation advice, from the best place to eat to the not-to-be missed sights. Wouldn’t it be more fun to have all the information on just one go and that too filtered for your type of travel, budget and thrill? Oh these personal travel planners are so expensive and the experiences are exhausting. Who knows, even after all these things, there is no guarantee for the experiences you were hoping to have during your holiday? What if you could hire a personal travel planner for free? And what if it was just one click away?

Advenjo is a free vacation planner.  You can explore destinations as per your travel type (Romantic, Adventurous, Road Trip, International, domestic, etc.) and budget and find relevant data to it. Plan your itinerary day and time wise by filtering activities suiting your different moods throughout the day and get set go. It gets even better with experience since it guarantees what it gives. You are bound to enjoy the same experience that you are hoping for since it comes from real experiences.

Let’s make travel planning more easily this time not in 9 steps but in just 9 Clicks:

1. Decide Where You Want To Go:

"Determining where you want to go is very important to proceed ahead with planning. A lot of people talk vaguely about travel... It’s a lot easier to mentally get behind “I am going to Paris” than “I’m going to Europe.” Not only will your trip become more concrete for you and easier to commit to, but it will make planning easier as well.”

This would’ve been your case if you did it alone sifting through data online. It’s easier at Advenjo now. Just surf through our Explore Page and make up your mind for one destination. If you have already decided on where to go then keep reading.

2. Decide the Length of Your Trip:

You would just not need a pen and a dairy to list down days with their dates. It’s all on your calendar with Advenjo.

3. Organize Your Money:

"your next task is to research the costs in your destination at the style of travel you want. Are you traveling alone or with family? Do you want to backpack, or would you rather stay in luxury hotels? How much are hostels, hotels, restaurants, and attractions? Knowing will allow you to estimate how much money you’ll need for your trip.
Once you have the budget in place, it is essential to organize your money. Check for great deals, discounts and vouchers, get travel reward credit cards and travel offer associations. ”

How about you set-up your limit and Advenjo prompts you with what to do and How to go suiting your needs? Would you like Advenjo to have a budget prompting feature too? Would you also like to have Advenjo prompt you with cool deals and rentals to save your time? Let’s give a feedback here.

4. Start Booking Now:

"before you go buy that flight check for deals you might have missed. After you’ve used your travel credit card and received your sign-up bonus, use your miles to book your flight. 

Oh it’s the most tedious job of all. Sign-up at different OTA’s to check for cheapest conveyance suiting your calendar. Check @ site1… Checking on another… Checking still… Checking yet?

Lets cut this checking and scanning process on one click. How about Advenjo brought all the cheap conveyance as per your suitability in one click? Let’s give a feedback here.

5. Plan Your Itinerary:

"Have a map of all the places you want to go and make a 9-9 activity list that you'll be engaging in. When I say itinerary it should be a day wise itinerary with all the details from morning to night. Make sure that you plan for activities as per your mood of travel. 
Sketch out the major activities you want to enjoy and how much they cost”

But even to make an itinerary, you will still have to go through several travel planning sites and still scan and sort data. Oh not once again! Ah not to worry now. Advenjo lets you filter through activities on the basis of your mood of the activity. When I say mood an understanding needs to be built here is about timely moods. You might have gone for a Family Travel, yet you would want to go for an adventurous trek with your kids on one morning, a romantic dinner with your spouse alone one eve and on a recreational activity like golfing with your family. You see the mood changes yet it is easy to filter moods on Advenjo and plan for a right itinerary very easily.

6. Bookings Again:

"Now is the time to make reservations for your accommodation, transit and activities that you'll be engaged in. Since you have your budget in place and a sketch of your itinerary is ready; booking hotels, transits and activities must be pretty easy.
But while booking anything make sure that you check out for reviews from the experiences shared by your travel pals. Make sure that accommodation, transit and activities suit the mood of your travel.”

How about Advenjo prompted you with all your accommodation, transit and activity tickets and rentals as soon as you had it on your list? Yeah that’s so much easier. Bookings and deals at the same place as planning? Let’s give a feedback here

7. Buy Travel Insurance:

Would you like Advenjo to prompt you with this too?

8. Pack:

Now you must be thinking what would Advenjo do to help you pack? How about a list of packing essentials? Say for example you are traveling to Alaska, Advenjo would prompt you with a list of snow wear to protect yourself from cold. Like your overcoats, wind blockers, snow glasses, etc. If you were going to a Beach, Avenjo would ask you to pack your Swimsuits and Beach suits. That sounds fun. Let’s give a feedback here.


And your travel plan is ready in just 8 clicks. Oh that was quick to go. So then what is the 9th click for?

9. Share Your Itinerary:

Oh you had a cool vacation. Now its time to share your experience with your friends and family. And for those who would be planning for one too. So would you like to help them have a cool vacation like you did?

auther - Shruti Botadra

Article By Shruti Botadra

A traveler and a writer. Perhaps travel for her is her journey to finding self, being with the world and understanding nature. For she will burst open the oyster of world with her adventure.