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Why is Hauz Khas famous for its night life?

by Apeksha
on 2017-02-05 10:04:13


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The nightlife options in New-Delhi have not only multiplied but also become informal, with more young professionals looking for places to unwind. Due to this demand of off-beat nightlife places among the young crowd, Delhi's nightlife has evolved and is completely unrecognisable from what it used to be a few years ago. Hauz Khas plays a major role in this transformation. After sunset, it moves from a curious collectable and Bollywood-blurb area to Delhi's island of cool. Barely seven days passes by without the opening of another bar or eatery in the region.

On the off chance that you arrive before dim, wind through Hauz Khas Village's narrow paths and go to La Bohème. You'll need to climb five flight of stairs before you get to it. A little-covered cottage with white-washed dividers opens onto a sprawling porch overlooking a lake. There is no better place to appreciate a cool lager as the sun sinks behind the encompassing parkland. Hauz Khas lives up to the recommendation, it's a great place to shop for trendy things and feast at coolest eateries.

For the history buffs, this place would be a great surprise and a treat. Take a nice stroll around the village on its narrow lanes and enjoy its historic beauty. However, the village is now turned into a happening place, comprising of great restaurants, boutiques, clubs, and much more. 

Find below, the top 5 places to visit, while in Hauz Khas:

Music Venue: Downstairs at Zo

downstairs at Zo is a casual and intimate live performance cafe and bar. The basement, called Downstairs at Zo, is a great place to chill with low seating areas which are completely cosy and great interiors. the music played is neither to uproarious nor too soft, it is just perfect. Besides the occasional book readings and poetry, the venue also hosts DJ's and performance artists and also features Jazz bands and Jamaican rappers. A visit here is a must to enjoy the great ambience this place offers.

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Date Night Venue: Imperfecto

This place totally negates its name, It's Perfecto! Imperfecto is one of those places that make you feel totally comfortable the moment to venture in. It gives you a feel of having entered an exceptionally massive dining area of a mansion. Spread on two floors, one of which contains a terrace garden, with a rippling waterfall. the perfect ambience with soft Spanish music in the background is perfect for a Date Night with that special someone!

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Tea Time Venue: Elma’s Bakery, Cakes and Tea Room:

Elma's is a cosy tearoom with an array of inviting cakes and also offers amazing breakfast as well as tea. This place in Delhi is very popular for their high-tea service, authentic scones, and generous slices of cakes. I highly recommend this place in winters to get cosy, with a cup of rendezvous hot chocolate with marshmallows as a company.

Hideaway Venue: The Rose

A newly renovated, faceless building, The Rose, is a credit to its owners. It's an art space, a restaurant, a meeting place and a boutique hotel - tucked away on the back-lanes away from all the madness of the city. A breath of fresh air, offering fresh french food and live music over the weekends and the only place in the whole village that serves emu. If you are looking for a quiet time away from the hustle, this one's for you.

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Party Venue: Fork You

Burger, steak and global classics are the specialities served at this modern diner with a British-style bar. Fork You is famous for its customisable burgers, each menu comes with the build-your-own-burger form where you can select the type of bread, patty size, type of meat, cheese, topping and filling of your choice. Besides burgers, this place is also known for its Ladies Nights on Tuesdays, where the bar offers free cocktails in customised glasses for the ladies. 


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If you are ever in Delhi, do not miss out on Hauz Khas!

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