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Who Cares If Its Summer. Are You Ready to Sacrifice Food on a Vacation

by Prabhat Kumar Singh
on 2017-01-24 17:17:45

With kids done with their exams and schools going shut for a few days; Now is the time to plan for a vacation anywhere around with the family. Vacations are not complete without awesome food while travelling or enjoying and when its summer you need to be aware of the kind of diet you are having. Your diet directly impacts on the mood while you are traveling.

You don't want to get exhausted very early in the day and miss a few adventure activites just because you had a lot of oil and starch in the begenning of your day. Or look for some more eating outlets while on a nature walk or a jungle safari. Diet plays a very important role on the travel experience. And so it is very important for one to have a balanced diet while on a vacation. 

So before starting your journey for vacation learn about your destination. Kind of food you are going to get there, what are the specialties and their nutrition level. I would suggest being a diet conscious along with enjoying is a right choice. Yet if you feel like your aim is only sightseeing then packing some exciting food for vacation will be a good option to support on your way and avoid often breaks.

Plan your meals around color and food groups like protein, starch, vegetable, dairy etc. Apples, bananas, dry fruits, small snack size pretzels, crackers (whole grain) and cheese or peanut butter (homemade), sandwiches, water, yogurt- all travel well.  Freeze the water and it will serve as an ice pack. Drinking lot of liquid  while traveling is a good option as it helps you from combating afflictions like hunger and dry air in airplane(if travelling by air) especially in summers. 

Straberry Treats

 A lot of your temptation comes up while on a destination so a quick tip would be to aware of the climate, ambiance and colors around. Say for example, when on a romantic destinations 85% people love eating strawberries, chocolates and coffee. So meet the temptation in a healthy way and enhance the mood with the food. 

How do you manage to a vacation in Hawaii without tasting pineapple cheesecake? How do you pass up strawberry crepes with cream if you are in Paris? How can you resist stopping at Dairy Queen with the kids and having a chocolate-dipped Frosty? 

So the answer is you don't. Just try to keep your treats to one a day. After that, opt for a healthy choice instead. I personally never deny myself any feast I come across while traveling, and I rarely put on extra weight. I am usually sightseeing which means I am walking all day every day and this seems to offset any extra calories I might consume.

So go ahead and take that stroll after dinner , swim or take your kids up on early morning hike. Because a healthy vacation is fun bundle of memories that you come back with.