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Ways to explore the Wilderness Of Grasslands

by Shruti Botadra
on 2017-01-24 17:17:44

The Ganadki River is one of the major rivers of Nepal and a left bank tributary of the Ganges in India. Cutting through the Dhaulagiri, Manaslu and Annapurna ranges, this river creates one of the deepest gorges of the world. With its warm climate at the basin and snow clad peaks surrounding it, the gorge makes it favorable for the survival of most mammals and birds.

With endless plains and tall grasslands, the Gandaki gorge is rich with wildlife dwells. The gorge covers two main Sanctuaries one in Nepal (Chitwan National Park) and the other in India (Valmiki National Park); where wildlife can be spotted at its diversity.

The Chitwan National Park is one of the premier drawcards of the Gandaki Basin. It protects over 932 sq km of forests, marshland and rippling grassland and is home to sizeable populations of wildlife.

The Valmiki National Park is one of the natural virgin in the North West corner of Bihar. The pristine forest and wilderness of both the reserves are an example of Himalayan Terai Landscape.

At both the places, you have an excellent chance to spot One-Horned Rhinos, Leopards, Wild Elephants, Sloth Bears, Bengal Tigers, Gaur, Foxes, Striped Hyenas, Fishing Cats, Golden Jackals, Pangolins and Porcupines.

The parks are much richer with the diversity in gory reptiles found here- Crocodiles, Gharials, Water Cats and Monitor Lizards.

The gorge is as much beautiful and landscapic as dark and wild it is, but it is getting gory with the unwanted poachers who have been attempting to destroy the rich wildlife of this place.

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