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Travelling is not a hobby, it is a passion

by Sonali Phapale
on 2017-02-10 15:40:39

Someone rightly said, “if the world is a book then people who do not travel read only a page”. For normal people Travelling is a way to commute from one place to another but for some, a destination is futile, and its journey that defines them. For these people joy comes from roaming around and seeing beauty treasure of the world, passion for visiting new places drives them, these people are obsessed with a sense of wanderlust which enables them to meet people around the world, experience various cultures taste different types of foods. These are the people who feel journey of the world is like a journey into yourself, where the more you get to know the world the more you get to know yourself, these people are dreamers who think only about travelling.

The World is huge, there are so many unexplored places, travelling is the only way which makes it possible to realise how beautiful the world is. Travelling enlightens us about life, it broadens our perspective horizon to see things, we start appreciating for what we are, for what we have. Travelling teaches us to live in a moment, for an example while seeing the great wall of china or Eiffel tower of France we appreciate that moment, we try to make most of it without getting stuck in past or future. Travelling teaches us to value experience over things, I would rather take a world tour than buying an expensive car. Travelling teaches us to mould into anything, in fact, travellers are most flexible people in the world as they experience new things almost every other day. Travellers learn to deal with problems as travelling it is not always comforting. Travellers don’t find it difficult to adjust as per the situation.

Travellers are the ones who are always open to new things and new ideas. It’s really difficult to travel around the world if you don’t come out cocoon and be open to new things. Travellers are the most tolerant and acceptant, one cannot adjust to new cultures, foods or people in a day or two but travellers have to and they find pleasure in doing that.

Travellers are frugal, they always know important of resources and they always try to make most of whatever they have, because you can’t simply give away money while travelling, while travelling you might land up in a situation penniless, its horrible situation at a new place hence travelling teaches us how to spend wisely.

Travellers are humble people, you can’t get along with people you are not humble. Travellers believe that we are all same, and they appreciate people over things.

Being an avid traveller does not only make us happy but it brings out best of us and shapes our personality.

auther - Sonali Phapale

Article By Sonali Phapale

I am an MBA student, currently studying at IIM, Raipur. I am travel enthusiast, foodie and free thinker. Stay tuned to my blog for travel related topics.