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Monsoon time the best time to travel.

by Austin Mayer
on 2017-01-24 17:17:47


There are quite a lot of fun seekers that ended up having their fingers burnt during their tourists visits to places where they had expected to experience a new dimension to living in that part of the world.

Stories abound of holidays and travel tours been cut short abruptly because of one singular factor. It happens to travelers all over the world. Why is this so? Do you care to know the reason why a pleasure trip suddenly gets sour?

Okay, let us begin by taking this analysis. The weather in your country is quite different from the weather in other countries. Each country, extending to the continents has their various weather conditions. There are favorable as well as unfavorable weather conditions even in your own country of origin!

There are some weather conditions in your country that you will never wish for. The approach of such weather conditions brings fear on you! This is a worldwide phenomenon.

Most countries have only two climatic seasons-winter and summer. To some other countries, the climatic season varies more than two. For instance, Nepal has four clear climatic seasons!

Definitely a time will come for you to travel out of your base on holidays or on a tourist visit. What is the main consideration for you before you book that flight? Or put differently, what should be your chief reason for travelling to that location of choice?

The attraction to your destination should not be the chief reason-but your timing. What weather conditions lies ahead of you? Can you cope with such? Those are questions you must answer from your base before venturing out of your comfort zone.

Now back to the initial question: why did a pleasure trip turn sour? The reason is not farfetched. From what you have deduced thus far, the answer should be glaringly clear. Have you ever heard of the monsoon time? Yes that is the key!

Every country has its own unique monsoon time. Before you book that flight from the cozy comforts of your base, search through the web for the monsoon time of the country you intend to visit. Take a pick out of the weather conditions- the one that will be most compatible. That is all! You can then book your flight ticket!


Monsoon time is indeed the best time to travel!

auther - Austin Mayer

Article By Austin Mayer

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