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Kolkata Biryani

by Sonali Phapale
on 2017-03-17 10:47:23


Biryani - a mouth-watering dish famous for its rich taste and variety in south Asia. It’s a dish made up of rice, spices and meat. Biryani’s cooking method differs with regions, hence when you travel around, biryani will taste differently.

In India, famous types of Biryanis are Hyderabadi, Lucknow, Mughlai and you will see huge fan following for these type of biryanis not only in India but also all over the world. But today I am going to write about ‘Biryani of Kolkata’. I visited Kolkata last weekend. 

In my tour I visited many restaurants tasted various dishes but this unique biryani of Kolkata caught my attention.

I visited a restaurant named Arsalan, which is famous for its Biryani.  has various branches in Kolkata. Biryani in Arsalan was a real delicious treat. In Kolkata, they serve boiled potato with biryani along with the meat. You are supposed to eat a bite of potato along with rice these mixtures taste really good and brings out of Biryani. You can have biryani with curry or raita as per your taste.

If you are landing up in Kolkata then you should try Biryani here, nonetheless, no one can give you delicious combination of potato and a biryani but Kolkata.

Historical Table Mat, while eating biryani – Do not forget to read ;) ;)

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