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Holi a Festival of colors

by Lakshay Munjal
on 2017-01-24 17:17:46

Advenjo Holi

Holi is the festival of colours.  On this day coloured powder are sprinkled by people on each other called as “Gulal”. An ancient story about holi is that Prahlad, son of evil King Hiranyakasipu, Hiranyakasipu demanded that every one should worship him as a God, but his son prahlad continued to worship Vishnu, Hiranyakasipu persecuted Prahlad. Ultimately, Prahlad’s aunt Holika, who was immune to fire because of divine boon, entered a blazing fire with Prahlad with the intention of killing him. However, it was Holika who was burnt to ashes, while Prahlad came out unscathed due to Divine intervention. Thus, bonfires are light to symbolise the burning of Holika :- the destruction of evil.



People move around the bonfire and make wish to have a cheerful life in future call it as “Prakirma”.

:-This shows that Truth prevailed over Evil

The next day of holika dahan people play with Gulal and water. Braj is famous for the “Lath mar Holi”. In Braj the ladies try to hit mans with there big bamboo stick called “Lath” they have to save themselves with the shield called “Dhal”.

Every state has there own culture to play holi in a different way but most of the states play holi with gulal and water. They sprinkle the gulal on others to show their love for them.