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First sex themed amusement park in Brazil called ErotikaLand

by Austin Mayer
on 2017-01-24 17:17:46

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She scored a first in the outbreak of Zika virus. Now, the first world sex themed amusement park will open in a matter of two years in that same country. That is Brazil for you!

The proposed location is Piracicaba which is very close to Sao Paulo. The question on the lips of observers is: Will the city of Piracicaba turn into the sex capital of the world? This generated a lot of arguments-opinions are divided over this very sensitive issue.

The business man behind this concept has come out to put in a stout defense of his pet project. He argues that he is not creating another Sodom and Gomorrah. Though according to him, he did not expect the patronage of nuns; but he insists that he is not putting up a sex rendezvous as people the world over are made to belief. A strictly no sex rules regime will be maintained at the park.

 The business man behind this concept, Mauro Morata has his selling points. They include the following:

  • Many bumper cars shaped like penises in which one can take a ride. A touch of the robot’s penis can evoke real sexual feeling.
  • The cinema seat will be enabled by a device that will make it vibrate; thereby giving any one sitting on it a sense of sexual activity.
  • There will be the availability of aphrodisiac snacks for the benefit of the audience.
  • There is also a nudist pool available accompanied with a sex playground that has water slide.
  • It is all about pleasure at this sex themed park; what with a pleasure train accompanied by the combination of go -go girls and boys.

Those are the selling points behind the idea of this first sex amusement park. For those that belief that there is no way the audience will not indulge in raw sex; the main brain behind this idea explained that off.

According to him, a hotel is located nearby where those that want to take their arousal to the next level will be transferred, to satisfy their sexual desires.

It will also provide job for more than 250 people-thereby boosting the local economy. The entry fee is put at $100 per person; this brings cash injection to Piracicaba through tourism.

The world awaits the take off date for this first ever sex park patiently.

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