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First Naked Restaurant in London. Thousands of waiting!

by Piyush Kumar Singh
on 2017-01-24 17:17:46

Things are going to next level each day. With lot of energy and interest adn fun, London is good to go to open it's initially exposed restuarant, The Bunyadi, taking into account liberating home sapiens from the "trappings of cutting edge life".

Aside from the no-clothing zone, mobile phones highly banned , no electrical appliances allowed even no food preparation that requires electornic appliances. All interiors hand carved (furnitures). In short all safe.

The originator Seb Lyall discussed the idea in point of interest with The Guardian and this is what is diagrammed to make the thought effective:

No hot beverages, soups or broths because, well, common sense!


For logistical reasons, the holding up staff will cover their bits and weaves to make clients feel less uncomfortable.


Being exposed is lawful in UK, even in the city. So we chose to convey it to a limited, private space. 


For wellbeing reasons, there'll be no cooking stripped. 


Outfits will serve as pads with the goal that clients are free from stressing over involving a space that was before utilized by some other bare butt. 

Individuals at any rate eat bare at home. We'll simply persuade them to eat exposed out in the open. 

The Guardian


Let's make plan to go ?