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Explore Countries that does not exists....!!!

by Saurabh Singh
on 2017-01-24 17:17:46

There is nothing new in the Unusual travel experiences, and some are becoming so common their mystique is losing its luster like 

North Korea? No big deal.

Bhutan? Not so secretive any more.

Mauritius?No more love in air.

Now what if I say how about visiting a country that doesn't even exist, now that would be niche and exciting. I am not talking about countries from Star war or kingdom from Game of thrones I am talking about countries which exist here on our planet Earth and that too at least more than 50 of them. Every one of us has studied geography in our young days and are very much familiar with our political world map. Have a look again you will find that entire planet's surface is sculpt so finely that each inch which it counts form in one sense. 

But if you realize map does not show large number of postulant nation states which exist there and seldom get a look in. So I thought why not to make a look of the World's forgotten, eschew and unrecognized corners.  These wannabe corners are intriguing in their own different ways like some are microscopic were as some are politically contentious but what is clear from it is that many make great destinations for travelers. I am sharing few highlights and if you get some instinct to learn more about these places you can have a look over "An Atlas of Countries That Don't Exist: A Compendium of Fifty Unrecognized and Largely Unnoticed States." which is compiled by Middleton. 


Tuva eventually asked for admittance into the Soviet Union and is now part of modern-day Russia, but still retains many of its own cultural practices. Tuva is well known for its forests and steppe spa tourism is popular, as is wildlife spotting. The region's rich fauna includes lynx, ibex and wolverine. Also, this area of southern Siberia is a summer playground for President Vladimir Putin.



People will surprise know that Greenland is not a recognized country, but instead an autonomous part of Denmark. Greenland is not all about the ice it’s also about green mountains with beautiful wild flowers, long fjords, precipitous cliffs, hot springs and skies so high and air so fresh. It is easy to see why it is not just people who enjoy living here. Animals also thrive here - at sea and on land - whales, seals, reindeer, musk oxen, polar bears, to name but a few of the spectacular main characters in nature's own gallery. (data from Greenland tourism website).




On the heights of the slope of the Riviera di Ponente, close to Bordighera, Vallecrosia and Vallebona, it dominates between the peace of the nature of the Old Principality of Seborga. the landscape around is very diverse. The narrow coastal strip connects the Alps and the Ligurian Apennines with the Mediterranean Sea. The Riviera di Ponente, the wonderful panorama that can be admired from Seborga, is called the 'sunset coast'.


Mayotte is a small piece of france in the Indian Ocean.Mayotte has fantastic white sand, turquoise sea beaches and excellent diving, snorkeling and sailing, but otherwise Mayotte (Mahoré) is overpriced and some say over-Frenchified.


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