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A Travellers Taste of India

by Apeksha
on 2017-02-16 05:39:53

Don't we all travel simply to quench our wanderlust or for the craving of our salivating tongue? If you ask me, the latter sounds more of a reason than any other, after all, food is life. And why not! This is why we earn. Hence, Instead of browsing the net and daydreaming about all the well-garnished and mouthwatering delicacies, why not head for the best culinary destinations in India.

Here's the list of best getaways in India for food lovers.


Kochi, Kerela, also known as 'Gods own country' offers a variety of delicacies - from the traditional thali on a banana leaf to snacks such as puttu and idiyappam and stew, and not to forget the beef fry and porota. These are just a few, besides the amazing seafood. Kochi is a must visit place for the food lovers, if you are looking to treat your taste buds.

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If you are a fan of vegetarian food, Ahmedabad is for you. Here, you will find a wide variety of mouth-watering vegetarian dishes to savour your taste buds. Snacks like vada pav, chole puri, dal vada are famous for its amazing taste. For more, head to Manek chowk or Khau Gali, where Jasuben's Old Pizza is a legend.

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Amritsar is a foodie's delight, be prepared to come back few kilos heavier. The city has a lot to offer in terms of food, from authentic Dhaba (Kesar da Dhaba is the best) to Amritsari Kulchas. Saatpuda and Moong dal laddoos are famous deserts here and are worth trying if you have a sweet tooth. Make sure to visit Gurdas Ram for hot jalebis and Kesar for thick lassi with cream on top. Ah! Mouth-watering, ain't it?

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The Capital of India, Delhi takes the first position when it comes to culinary destinations. With its innumerable offerings, in Chandni Chowk and Bengali Market, Delhi wins, hands down. Dahi bhalle, Golgappe and Papdi Chaat will definitely delight your taste buds. A visit to the Daulat ki Chaat outlet is a must, while in Delhi. And of course, some amazing sweet dishes like gajar ka halwa and jalebi are a must try. Delhi is also famous for the nightlife of haus khaz village.

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Also known for its traditional Awadhi fare, is a great city to explore delicious cheap street food. Lucknow is famous for its authentic delicacies, like Tunde ke kabab made with minced lamb and authentic lucknowi biryani. Other favourites here are Chai-samosa, sweet lassi, rabri and kulfi.

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Goa being a major tourist hotspot, and a party capital has a lot to offer to a foodie. Must try and famous dishes here are the authentic fish curry and rice, Goan sausage and Pau, vindaloo and sarpotal, which can be found at several beach shacks as well as at popular restaurants like Mum's Kitchen and Martin's Corner. Not to forget the famous Goan drink Feni.

Does this make you hungry? Why wait! Book your tickets now and give yourself a mouthwatering treat.

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