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A Great Weekend Getaway for Republic day Near Delhi

by Shruti Botadra
on 2017-01-24 17:17:44

With Republic Day loooong weekend round the corner and the majority of the town drowned with tight security and road blocks in the welcome of The President of USA, you dont want to spend such a wonderful weekend with boredom. Yes its time for considering a quick short vacation to save yourself from the boredom. Considering the climate and the favourabilities around, its a good idea to Explore the Snow and enjoy it to the best.

We have shortlisted two good place that you must not miss during the snows.

#1 Binsar

For a romantic holiday there is no better place than Binsar that you can surprise your partner with.

The air changes perceptibly as you approach Binsar. There is a cool, freshly laundered scent that it carries. The drive is a charming one, with oaks and deodars looking down on you with all the majesty of age. It is one of those places, which just lets you be and tell you to let it be. It has unmatched views of the peaks with at least 166 identified bird species in this region. Binsar is veritable Gold mine for birdwatchers.

Must Do - Zero Point

A must do, a viewing tower here affords a remarkable panoramic view of the Himalayan range at an aerial distance of barely 25km and is the best spot for sun rise and sun set. Travel around, trek to the nearby villages and savour the simple lifestyle and traditions.

#2 Narkanda:

As discussed earlier, Narkanda is the best place when its snowing. Its place of sports and adventure. So if you are looking for one such holiday, this has to be your spot.

Narkanda is slightly higher than Shimla and the road linking the two runs almost near the crest of the mountain with a gradual ascent. One is constantly treated to a bird's-eye view of the different valleys as the road twists and turns from one spur to another. Especially breathtaking is the view of Narkanda from Saga, a small village enroute.

Things to do - Narkanda is a place for all the snow sports lovers. Ice Skiing and Ice Surfing is all done here.

So do not miss the weekend in front a dumb TV set. And continue to explore the Natures beauty to it fullest.

auther - Shruti Botadra

Article By Shruti Botadra

A traveler and a writer. Perhaps travel for her is her journey to finding self, being with the world and understanding nature. For she will burst open the oyster of world with her adventure.