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Kayak Amid Bioluminescence

by Krishna Pandey
on 2017-01-24 17:17:43

Vieques, Puerto Rico

This has to be the most romantic holiday that you can plan for. Imagine a clean empty beach with shimmering blue water and beautiful sea life. It’s the best gift for your partner. So pack your bags this week and get started for a perfect romantic vacation. It’s the best suitable destination for 3-5 days.

Small island…Immense beauty…Isla de Vieques is one of the offshore islands of Puerto Rico.

Home to the brightest bioluminescent bay in the world, uncrowned crystal clear beaches, known as one of the most romantic islands in the world.

Isla de Vieques, one of the offshore islands, remains like the Caribbean of the past; quite, lush, uncrowded with unparalleled natural beauty. The island has largest natural wildlife refuge in the Caribbean covering 3,100 acres of very and land.

Vieques Island is blessed with spectacular beaches that rival any beach in the Caribbean islands. You’ll be mesmerized with the waters that seem to have been painted by a master artist using coordinated shades of blue, turquoise and green.

Vieques sports the brightest bioluminescent bay in the world. If there is something you must do during the vacation in Isla de Vieques is to visit the bio-bay. What you see at Bio-bay are not tiny dinoflagellates in the water but the incredible effect they create in vast numbers. The bay’s water contains hundreds of them in per liter, and when disturbed each one produces a blue-green flash. The effect when you swim or kayak in the water is dazzling. Visit by Kayak, electric boat or fisherman’s boat but do not skip this natural wonder. Do not miss a trip to the bio-bay.

While you are spending your time there, also explore the mangrove forests and see some manatees, sea turtles and native birds at the Vieques National Wildlife Refuge.Spend a day snorkeling in the clear waters off Esperanza beach and then grab lunch along strip.

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You’ll pay off-season prices and get some respite from high temperatures.


November and May.