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5 Best Budget Honeymoon Destinations Around The World...!!!!!

by Shruti Botadra
on 2017-01-24 17:17:45

If you are newly wedded couple and searching for an affordable budget honeymoon destination apart from generic and crowded places like Mauritius, Singapore , Maldives etc then you are at the right place that will take you to the best of budget honeymoon destinations around the world.

Honeymoon planning attracts couples to the most attractive destinations around the world but most often those plans remain plans for long due to budget constrains. Finding an affordable honeymoon destination or pocket friendly honeymoon destination is a tough task and for the same we have a list of the top honeymoon destinations around the world that would come within your budget.

1. Srilanka

Sri Lanka is a little island filled with magic. That is why this tropical paradise is highly sought for honeymoon destination, for lovers from across the world. Fall in love all over again while lying on one of the white sandy beaches or while cuddling with a hot cup of tea in the central highlands of Sri Lanka. You can’t go wrong at one of  the ultimate destinations for honeymooners with endless privileges for that perfect honeymoon vacation. 

2. Jamaica

Jamaica is known as the most budget friendly destination in the Caribbean. Equally beautiful to all the other islands of the Caribbean, Jamaica is one of the most people friendly places in the world. The beaches of Jamaica and its laid-back environment are perfect for couples going on honeymoon. Hike to romantic waterfalls and swim underneath the warm, cascading water, or enjoy lazing in the sunshine and snorkeling in the dazzling sea.

Jamaica offers numerous activities and is known for beaches, seafood, shopping and more.You can enjoy hiking, camping, fishing, golfing, snorkeling,horse back riding, backpacking, swimming, jet skiing, scuba diving and many more.


3. Bali

Superb beaches, spectacular landscape, pretty jewelry and multi-hued culture make Bali a favourite  travel destination for people of all ages. It is one of  the most preferred   destinations for couples who are looking for a quiet and peaceful place to relax with their darlings.

Select a beach of your choice and find solace all around you. Bali is known for hills and mountains,sandy beaches, barren volcanic hillsides, unique culture. Known as the last Paradise Bali is sure one of the most romantic honeymoon destination in the world. You can go for para-gliding,mountain cycling, horse riding, jungle trekking, bungy jumping, surfing,scuba diving and many other activities.


4. Vietnam

Gaze over a surreal panorama of limestone islands from Halong Bay or explore the world’s cave systems in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park to get a picture of this wonderful place. Tuck in some authentic Vietnamese cuisine that has been influenced by the countries around it.

This country has a mixed culture of India, China, France and many more. Vietnam is known for its natural beauty and country side. It offers exceptional biking tour than anywhere in the world. You can go for hiking, lakes, temples, museums, bike tours.


5. Chile

Breathe in the beautiful landscape of Atacama Desert or admire the mountains, glaciers and forests of Patagonia. The islands like Easter Island, Robinson Cursoe Island and Chile will give you a chance to unwind and find comfort. Visit the famous Lakes and volcanoes of Chile and take a dip in the hot spring on the slopes of Nevados de Chillan. Tucked between the Andes and the Pacific, Chile offers best of beaches and mountains. You can also enjoy the wine destination, culture and nature.

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