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13 Ideas for a Staycation

by Shruti Botadra
on 2017-01-24 17:17:45

Don’t get stuck in an unhealthy daily grind. Its fine to have “me time” once in a while.

It’s 7:30 a.m. and your alarm is screaming. Squinty-eyed, you reach for your phone, fumbling to swipe that horrible noise off, sinking back into the mattress, your eyes fading to black again… until you shoot straight up, eyes wide open, realizing you’ve already pushed snooze three times. So you bolt out from under the covers and, like a blur, get dressed, catch up with some early quick food and go to work.

You’re at the office (finally), and a million emails have flooded your inbox, so you start shooting off responses, only to reply to the ones that come back seconds later. You only get up when nature calls and your stomach yells for food. Another blur and it’s already dark. Time to shatter your stuff from the bed away and climb back under the covers…

Sleep, wake up, work. And repeat. That’s a daily grind that will have you burning out the next time your alarm goes off. There’s more to life than work. How can you make sure you’re getting a healthy dose of “me time”?

How many of us don’t sometimes wish we could escape the hustle, bustle, & day-to-day responsibilities of our normal lives for a week of fun and relaxation somewhere far, far away?

The truth is that for many of us a traditional vacation is not always in the cards. Too much planning is involved to have a vacation out of the city plus the budget restrains as well as family. But it’s necessary to have some “me time” away from family and friends.

Plan for a staycation either at home if you are staying alone in your apartment or just get out of your house plan for a B&B or a hotel room in the city or country side but prefer taking it away from home if you have kids or old parents at home. It is very important to spend some time alone by yourself to rediscover your spirit that is lost between the matches of 9-9.

1. Put the World on Hold.

  • Take time out—literally. Eliminating reminders of time helps wipe away the stress of the daily grind, says Amy McDonald, spa director of El Monte Sagrado, in Taos, New Mexico. So keep all your alarm clocks and reminder machines in your closet.
  • Turn off the ringers on your phones and mute the answering machine. Check messages only when you want to, keeping in mind that "not at all" is always an option.
  • Do an “out of the office” message for your e-mail (even if your office is a corner of the playroom). Say you won't be checking your e-mail till you're back from vacation. Then power down the computer and throw a towel over it.

2. Start your day off with meditation.

Meditation helps me visualize the things I’m most grateful for and allows me to minimize negativity and distractions. I find that meditation increases my self-awareness and helps me put into perspective what really matters. I also tend to be much more positive, energetic and happy.

—Kristopher Jones,

Take a course or two of meditation from the masters online or personally to get your thoughts to shape. The most satisfying feeling of a vacation comes merely from Meditation, Work-out and good sleep so never miss that.

3. Work out.

Aside from obvious health benefits, it clears your mind and gets you in touch with the outdoors and in the company of good friends.

So signup for good workout sessions or yoga classes. Take a jog outside and meet new people to experience that change.

4. Get enough ZZZs.

The scientific benefits of sleep are innumerable. More sleep equates to more happiness, better health and improved decision-making. Not to mention that it detoxes the brain. In order to do your best work, it’s critical to consistently recharge your batteries.

5. Get Creative.

Spend an afternoon getting creative at a nearby paint-your-own pottery facility. Not only is it fun, you’ll have your own gorgeous dishes to take home when you’re done. Or write a poem or story, cook for yourself, signup for a music or a dance session and enjoy an afternoon discovering new things in yourself. Creativity in most cases acts as a therapy of relaxation.

6. Keep a journal.

Write your journal in bullet-form so you can jot down things you did, people you met, how you felt, etc. It’s been a great outlet to help people be present, remember the little moments and sort out challenges in both my personal and professional life. It helps introspect eventually gets you closer to yourself. Probably something that you can carry on ahead in your normal life too.

7. Talk to friends and family.

Call up your friends and family to catchup a personal time with them. Know what is going on in their life and try to understand more into their lives. You might find an inspiration from one of your cousins you never jelled with.

8. Get Wet.

Spend the day at a local pool or waterpark, or just head to the beach! If that sounds like too much effort, simply set up a slip & slide in the backyard and have a family water day at home.

9. Read something fictional.

Refresh your mind by taking an afternoon break and escaping to another world. Reading fictional stories stimulates the right side of your brain, sparking creative thought. That stimulation can make your day go a little smoother by thinking differently, solving problems in abstract ways and, most importantly, rejuvenating your soul.

10. Go Film and TV Series Marathon.

Pick a theme, pick movies, then get comfortable for a day of movies. Be sure to provide plenty of snacks, and take breaks and rate each film.

11. Listen to a podcast.

I find that one of the best practices to get fresh air and stimulate my brain is simply to take a walk and listen to a podcast with the podcast app that now comes standard on the iPhone. Do yourself a favor and listen to something non-business-related. For a little health or mindfulness, my favorites are Bulletfroof Radio on the earlier phase. and Buddhits Geeks.

—Matt Wilson, Under30Experiences

12. Give yourselves a makeover

Do hair and makeup at home, or take a day to go to the local spa or beauty parlor. Complete the new look with a new outfit!

13. Make time for play.

Go fly a kite, take a walk, go for a bike ride, or take a hike–most state and national parks have at least a few walking, hiking, or biking trails to choose from. Do a little research to find one that fits your athletic ability, then head out to enjoy the great outdoors. Don’t forget to pack snacks and water for your trek!

For most people—and moms especially—the hardest part of trying to “relax” at home is letting go of the all the everyday obligations and distractions that bombard us in our own homes. But the key to having the best Staycation ever ultimately has nothing to do with the activities you choose, but with your own attitude and commitment to making your week a time of fun and relaxation. Let the chores be for a week and instead give yourself permission to kick back and enjoy the moment. Create memories that you will cherish for a lifetime. This is your time…..make the most of it!

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Article By Shruti Botadra

A traveler and a writer. Perhaps travel for her is her journey to finding self, being with the world and understanding nature. For she will burst open the oyster of world with her adventure.